Produced for the International Day of Democracy, 15 September 2017.

Location: Auditorium, Institut Français de Tunis.

The animation gives a short overview of some highlights of the Tunisian democracy’s history and shows numbers and stats about the upcoming local (municipal) elections.

Projection mapping (spatial augmented reality), is a projection technology used to turn object and buldings, into a display surface for video projection. This technique is used by artists and advertisers to add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto previously static objects. The video is commonly combined with, or triggered by, audio to create an audio-visual immersive experience.

We started this project from scratch, making the physical structure out of recycled cardboard boxes. The cubes were next conditionned, paintend and rearranged to form a city shape (1.6 x 3m) including famous tunisian monuments such as “Habib Borguiba Clock” and “Africa Hotel“. The next steps were building the 3D model in CAD softwares then designing and animating it to create an animation mixing art, history and recent election data.

The Miniature City is a movable tool to be exposed anywhere (streets, events, concerts,schools..etc)  to engage passengers in discussions about democracy, registering to vote and their role as active citizens.

Projection Mapping Team: Alouane Mahdi – Hbecha Mohamed – Haj Gacem Raed – Jerbi Ahmed – Karabiben Mahdi
Shot by: Mohsen Bchir